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Church History

Our first home, a storefront, was located at 4832 S. State St. After seven months, the church moved to 1301 S. Millard, and remained there for two and a half years. In 1961, the church moved to 3310 W. 15th St. In June of that same year, the Lord blessed the church, we grew and relocated to 3103 W. Polk St. In June 1970, we moved to a larger home located at 1330 S. Fairfield, but our moving days were not done. On October 22, 1976, with the Lord’s blessing we marched into a beautiful church home located at our present address at 820 N. Central Ave. in Chicago, Illinois.

On Monday, September 25, 1983, our beloved Pastor and Founder of 26 years was called to his heavenly home. In November of the same year, the Lord blessed us with another spiritual leader, our current shepherd, Rev. Matthew Lee Miller  was installed January 20, 1985.


Under Pastor Miller’s excellent leadership, our church has continued to grow and the followings are examples of the growth:


•    Our Christian Education Programs began to reach new heights

•    The main sanctuary took on a new look and was completely renovated

•    1985 a Baptismal Pool was installed

•    1988 & 1995, we acquired additional lots at 830 and 832-836 N. Central Ave.

•    1990, the Rev. J.L. Miller Library was added

•    1997-2000, the William A. Kelley Community Center was completed with a full-court gymnasium and 10 classrooms/offices


From 1989-1994, under the leadership of Pastor Miller, the members began to study more. These studies enhanced:


•    Spirituality

•    Seeking the Kingdom

•    Turning away from fundraisers

•    Less performance more praise

•    Glorifying God, not ourselves


These years were spent teaching what God has said, what the church should be and the church should do – these years were spent organizing.

On February 8, 1994, our church home was destroyed by fire. During this time, we endured and overcame many challenges. We held services at New Zion City M.B. Church where Rev. Willie Runnels welcomed us with open arms. We held Sunday School classes on Greyhound buses and church vans, at St. Ignasisus, at Amberg Hall and, on July 3, 1994, with our Pastor’s own hands and the help of the men of the church, we rented and totally rehabbed a nearly abandoned building and held services at 5824-26 W. Division St. where we stayed until November 26, 1995.


On December 3, 1995, less than 2 years later, we held our first service at our newly, rebuilt church home located at 820 N. Central Ave. Pastor  Miller's  first sermon topic was “Unshakable Faith.” On Saturday, December 9, 1995, along with fellow sister churches, we marched into our newly rebuilt location to the hymn of “We’ve Come a Long Way, Lord.” On December 10, 1995, we had our first official service and Pastor Miller’s sermon was “The Confidence in the Grace of God.”


Our Pastor’s vision did not stop there. Between 1997 and 2000, The W.A. Kelley Gym and Community Center was built. Because of Pastor Miller’s love for people his mission is to use the Community Center to empower adults and youth to a level of self-sufficiency and self-satisfaction through development and delivery of educational, social and spiritual skills.

In all that our church does, our Pastor’s greatest love is “teaching the Word of God” and teaching the meaning of “True Worship.” Our church theme is “Amazing Grace” because it is by God’s “Amazing Grace” that “We’ve Come This Far By Faith.”

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